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You have landed on the super-secret contributors webpage for The Mirror Maze, our new edition of pacREV 2021 edited by Nayeli Castañeda-Lechuga. If you are a contributor featured in this issue, we have set up a special purchase portal via Though the cover charge for this edition of pacificREVIEW is $17.95, we will charge you, a contributing author/artist, only $14.95 for each copy of The Mirror Maze! Shipping is a set 99¢ per book as well -unless you are an international customer, in which case, peek below for the slightly bad news!*

Here is the secure purchase portal for The Mirror Maze--order as many copies as you like using the + button in your shopping cart:

*International Contributors!
International Contributors! If you are asking us to ship copies of The Mirror Maze -- even, just your "free" contributors' copy -- outside of the United States, we will need add additional charges to cover our international shipping fees--the U.S. Postal Service has raised rates for shipping books abroad to extreme levels (sorry for the bother). Please use this special United Nations edition of the Mirror Maze pull down menu for orders going outside of the United States of America:
International Contributor's copy of The Mirror Maze, $4.95US
+ $19.95US, International Shipping (limit orders to one copy here!)
Additional Contributors's Copies, $16.95 each
+ International Shipping, $19.95 (please do not order more than two copies as we will have to ask you to send us more $$$ for shipping)

Don't worry if you do not have a PayPal account--PayPal offers you the chance to use your credit card.

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