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pacific REVIEW 2001

pacific REVIEW
A West Coast Arts Review Annual

pacific REVIEW publishes annually in the spring. 

The annual subscription price for regular patrons, enlightened literati, struggling writers, aspiring artists, apprentice academics, and others is $22--that includes free shipping and handling. The subscription cost for pacific REVIEW Patrons is $250 and includes a lifetime subscription to the journal. In addition, Patrons are featured in our journal's masthead. 

subscriptions / snail mail

send a check for $22 or $250 
made out to "pacific REVIEW" to:

pacific REVIEW 
Department of English & Comparative Literature 
San Diego State University 
5500 Campanile Dr. 
San Diego CA 92182-6020

Want to VENMO or PAYPAL your support? Email us care of our faculty advisor, Dr. William Nericcio: bnericci@sdsu.edu